Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I (Almost) Feel Sorry for the Red Sox

If I didn't find the failure of the Red Sox to be one of the great joys of life, I would be moved to compassion for them over the last couple of weeks. First, they blew a 5 game lead over the Yankees and now trail by 7.5 games. That's strike one. Second, they once were rejoicing that they had beaten the good guys 8 straight games. Now, we have taken 6 of 7. Strike two.

But what makes me feel sorry for them is what dominating baseball they have been playing over the last 10 games. They have been fantastic. Good pitching. Great hitting. And in the at time they have picked up exactly ZERO games on the Yankees. We were up 7.5 then, we are up 7.5 now. It must be discouraging to play that well and gain NO ground.

I think I'm about to call it. I will have a massive amount of mud on my face if I'm wrong, but the New York Yankees are the American League East Champions.

However, if we are going to go on and win the World Series, there are a couple of things that we need to do.

1) We need to get AJ Burnett straightened out.

2) We need to stay healthy and get rested without letting guys go cold.

3) We need to Joba back on form.

4) It wouldn't hurt if Josh Beckett kept stinking and if the Red Sox got a couple of key season-ending injuries.

Something to think about:

Yankees are 85-48 (37 games over .500). If we go 15-14 in our remaining games, we will finish 100-62. If we finish 100-62, then Boston has to finish 23-7 to tie us (and win the division).

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