Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cano, Don'tcha Know!

The Pinstripes got another walk-off win last night, after CC squandered a dominating pitching performance with a hiccup in the seventh. Yanks couldn't get much going against Buehrle, or it wouldn't have mattered. So, the game went into 10th and Cano got a pie in the face, compliments of AJ Burnett.

Its been a frustrating week for the good guys. We lost two of three to Texas, and the two losses just seemed like games we should have won.

On Tuesday, we were down 10-5 going into the bottom of the ninth, after a bad start by Joba that made the Yankees revise their "Joba Rules" again. A few hitters later, the Yankees were down 10-9 with runners on 1st and 2nd and NO ONE OUT. Looked like we were going to have a dramatic win. That was before Nick Swisher popped trying to bunt. Pathetic. Then, Melky hit a hard liner to shortstop and doubled off Hairston at second. The-e-e-e Yankees lose.

Pettitte was on his game on Wednesday.

Burnett was firing blanks on Thursday. I thought for a couple of innings that he was gonna throw a no-hitter or something. He was unbelievable. The Yankees were cruising with a 2-0 lead when AJ walked a couple of guys and Kinsler got a fastball down the middle. No hitter gone. Lead gone. Game gone. Yanks never got anything going against the Rangers.

The only upside of all this is that there is still an outside chance that the Rangers could overtake Boston and eliminate them from the playoffs. I am a little afraid of the baseball Boston is playing right now. Sure, we have beaten them 6 of 7, but in a short series, anything could happen.

Last night, CC looked great for six innings, then got lucky in the seventh. He gave us a double, a walk and another double. That made it 2-1 with runners on 2nd and 3rd and no one out. A-rod made a nice play on a ground ball, throwing a guy out at home. After another out, A-rod made another great play, snagging a ground ball down the line and preventing a double. That meant that the bases were loaded. Next guy singled to right and Yankees threw the second runner out at the plate. Two of the three outs in the inning were guys thrown out at the plate. How often do you see that?

Had A-rod not made two nice plays and had we not gotten the final out at home, that could have ended up being CC's first loss in August since the Hoover administration. No decision, but a great Yankee win in the 10th on a Cano home run.

Boston has won 4 of 5 (at home, of course) to narrow the lead to 6 games. That is why that Sunday win by CC at Boston was so big. If that game goes the wrong way, the Yankees might now have only a 4 game lead and things would be way too interesting.

Today will be an adventure. We have Mitre (or Gaudin?) going. Probably will need the bats today. Most likely an 11-8 win. Just hope we have the 11.

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