Friday, August 21, 2009

Ugly? Beating Boston is ALWAYS Pretty!

The Yankees beat Boston 20-11. Its always fun when the good guys win big and evil is defeated. But it was far from a pretty game.

Yankees pitchers did not exactly shine tonight. Andy Pettitte was rolling until the long break during the top half of the fifth (we scored 6 runs) and he just couldn't get it going after that. Frankly, the Yankees owed him one like this. He has had a couple of no-decisions when he pitched very well recently and a walk-over like this is a little justice. Brian Bruney and Sergio Mitre had a little problem with control and gave up some runs. Its hard to judge them too harshly. When you come in the game up 11 runs, its probably hard to get into it.

The bright note on the pitching staff was Damaso Marte, back off a long pull on the DL. He looked really good in his inning of relief.

The Bombers were back tonight. After the second inning, the game was never really in doubt. You might point out that Boston got 11 runs, but we did not exactly put our best bullpen foot forward in the later innings. Would they have gotten these runs against our best? Who knows?

I am scared of the Red Sox. They are starting to hit the ball (Ortiz must be back on the steroids). If they get Matsuzaka and Wakefield back, they could be dangerous in the playoffs.

We are now 6-2 on the road trip. If we win one of the next two, I think it is pretty safe to say the AL East pennant is going back where it belongs. Tomorrow is our best shot. We have Burnett going against that new Japanese pitcher (Kazawa?). Sunday should be a barn-burner. CC Sabbathia against Josh Beckett, a great matchup on the hill.

All is well with the Empire right now. I just hope that the bats are gonna stay, not just appearing for one night. If only Brad Penny could pitch every day!

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